Happy 2020!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed the nice break! We are so excited to get back to the courts next week for our winter session! Our clinics at Jetton Park will start back up on Monday, January 6, and this session runs through February 27.
Obviously, we do have some colder days in these next couple of months, but we certainly have lots of great afternoons as well, so please don’t let the term “winter” scare you away from this next training session. With our smaller class sizes, the kids benefit with more one-on-one attention from coaches and more court space for match-play practice.
The spring school seasons are around the corner as well, so get your middle school players and high school boys ready for their team matches!! It makes a big difference in their readiness and level of play to get in these weeks of training before tryouts and the season starts!

The Junior Team Tennis league will also start registration on January 13 and match play begins on March 10. It’s important for the kids to practice as much as possible these next couple of months to be ready for this fun season of team match play on Sunday afternoons. Read more about JTT.

View and download the Tennis Registration Form Winter 2020 with all of our class details… rates, dates, and times. TO GET REGISTERED, email Julie with your child’s name, age, and class time. Then, fill out the registration form and mail it in, along with your payment and she’ll get them added to the roster! Please feel free to email or call Julie with any questions that you may have. Looking forward to getting back out on the courts!

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