About LNTA

Lake Norman Tennis Academy (LNTA) offers quality tennis training for beginners to advanced players.  Instruction includes technical, tactical, mental and physical training, while an experienced coaching staff helps each athlete work toward his or her personal goals.  Scott Tucker and his very talented team of Julie Mudge, Lori Little, and Juan Carlos Valek look forward to seeing you on the courts!  Click here to read more about the instructors.

Cornelius PARC Logos_Full_Color_SealThe Town of Cornelius partners with the Lake Norman Tennis Academy to provide tennis group and individual instruction for youth and adults.  Youth classes are primarily held at Jetton Park, while adult classes are primarily held at Robbins Park Monday through Thursday. Sometimes we use Robbins Park and Bailey Road Park as well.

Youth classes are typically held Monday thru Thursday, but schedules vary per season due to school and court availability.  Clinic fees during the school year are based on attendance 2 to 3 days per week, but we encourage kids to attend as much as possible and if you are able to make all 4 days, there is no additional charge.  The more time spent on the court, the quicker the kids see progress and improvement!

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