Fall Sessions at Jetton

Fall Tennis 2015Happy Fall Ya’ll!!

We are excited to begin our Fall programming on Tuesday, Sept. 6th!

We will be offering our usual programming with clinics ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours, Monday through Thursday, leaving Fridays open for rain make-up days.

As always, we leave our schedule “open” to encourage the kids to come as many days a week as they can, depending on their other activities, homework, etc.  Most kids come 2-3 days a week and our rates reflect that amount of days.  There is no extra charge for coming 4 days on any given week/weeks.

Sign ups are done in 4-week sessions or at a discounted rate to sign up for the whole fall, Sept. through Dec.

Class times and rates are listed on the registration form found below.  To get your child registered, please email Julie Mudge with your child’s name, age, and clinic time.  Then fill out the form and mail it in, along with your payment, and they’ll be all set.

Tennis Registration Form Fall 2016


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